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We offer important instructional courses like reading, reciting and learning of the Quran with Tajweed, Tafseer, Qiraat, and translation. Aside from this, we have Islamic study classes for kids and women within which we will in general instruct concerning Islamic morals, Islamic Stories and numerous different things to women and kids. The development of ethical character is remarkably fundamental in a sensible life.

We recognize that a vast majority of individuals are engaged with duties extending from full-time work to studies and family. We likewise realize kids and sisters face hardships going into Islamic centers and mosques to learn the Quran. In the complex Islamic culture just as among Muslims, the open door for sisters is strenuous going into Mosques to advance their knowledge while holding their modesty.

It is thus, with the thought of every single ecological factor equranforkids intends to serve and help such Muslims by giving online one-on-one live interactive classes for learning the Holy Quran at once most suited to yourself. Our encouraging technique is extremely effective and our students are exceptionally satisfied with our educating strategies.

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